1- What is meant by Registration?

All campuses of Allied Schools network, located in Punjab Province are required to get registered with School Education Department of Govt. of the Punjab vide Notification No. SO (Schools) 3-6/80 dated 13-08-1984 (as amended vide No.PA/ASG/887/2001 and onward). For other Provinces, Federal Capital Territory, FATA and AJK the Notification of the respective education Departments will be applicable. Question 1.1: What is meant […]

2- What are Types of fees?

The students will be charged following types of fee at rates prescribed from time to time by the Head Office for each Academic Year. Campuses are advised not to charge over & above this and parents are also advised not to pay more than the prescribed. Details on Fee Structure / Rates are also available […]

3- How to Admit a Student and Print the First Challan?

 Click on Admission.  Click on Admission Form. Click Add button provided at the bottom of the form to add a new studentdata.  Fill in all the information of thestudent, make sure to fill in at least the compulsory fields mentioned with*(asterisk) Compulsory fields are Campus, Program, Academic Year, Term, ClassTitle, Name, Gender, Mobile Number, Father […]

4- What will be the timings for toddlers?

In Toddlers they will have a day schedule of three hours and in the schedule the timing will be flexible for the students. Question 4.1: What is the required age group for Pre School? Answer : The Required age group for Pre School is: Toddlers Minimum 2 Years Maximum 2+ Years Playgroup Minimum 2+ Years […]

5- What is the homework policy?

Allied Schools has made a policy regarding homework that it would be given twice a week for core subjects and once a week for the remaining subjects. The policy is designed keeping in mind that student’s learning would be maximum in the class rather than only writing the copies at home. Question 5.1: Is project […]

6- What is Supply Chain Management?

Supply chain management (SCM) is the oversight of materials, information, and finances as they move in a process from supplier to manufacturer to wholesaler to retailer to consumer. Question 6.1: What kind of items supplied by the SCM? Answer : It includes Allied Schools & Resource Academia Publications, Kits, Promotional Material and Allied School uniform. […]