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Educational Media Department focuses on building upon the strength and expertise of experienced Teachers, Students and Network Associates. Our mission is to grow rapidly and profitably whilst sharing expertise by exploiting opportunities to promote our schools nationwide. Furthermore, we aim to deliver highly interactive software (animations) to extend the skills and competencies of teachers in order to improve the performance of the students.


Allied School will become the preferred place to study for children of Pakistan who are seeking quality education in an environment that enables them to realize their dreams, aspirations and potential within the framework of our national and cultural values.


Our education system should produce responsible, enlightened citizens to align Pakistan with the global framework of economic and social prosperity.

Scope of Responsibilities

  • Liaising with Director, Managers and HoDs in order to meet the organizational needs and the company’s policies.
  • Designing an appealing look and feel for the existing Allied Schools website in order to target greater audience.
  • Timely updating the Allied Schools website for news, events and academic calendar.
  • Managing the Allied Schools Promotions including Educational Television Commercials, Prospectus, Newspaper advertisements, Skins, Flexes, Allied School Website, Campus Website and Kid’s Expo Website.
  • Coordinating with Media for the coverage of events across the Allied School network. Social Media management including Facebook and Twitter.