I firmly believe that education is the basic right of all human beings living on this planet regardless of their social background. An educated nation is democratically stable and consistent in its economic viability, a lesson learnt through my passion for education for the last three decades.

Though the state is primarily responsible to eradicate illiteracy, this task cannot be accomplished without realization and joint endeavors by the stakeholders of our society…



01, National Level Competitions - Class I-X
06, Anti Corruption Day (Assembly Presentation) Class I-X
07, People Who Help Us | Playgroup | Assessment II (Class I – VII)
08, Sports Gala | Preschool
10,Human Rights Day (Assembly Presentation) Class I-X
13,Annual Examination (Class VIII)
15,Parent -Teacher Meeting | Preschool
20,Safety Day (Assembly Presentation) | Preschool
22,Parent-Teacher Meeting(Class I – VII) | Sports Day- Class I-X
24,Winter Vacation | Preschool - X
31,Result Day (Class VIII)
01, School Reopens | Preschool - X
11, Mental Math Quiz- Class I-X
14, Competitions Preschool
25, Fancy Dress Show | Preschool
04, Transport Day | Preschool
05, Kashmir Day* Gazetted Holiday
06, Kashmir Day (Assembly Presentation) Class I-X
07, Annual Term Assessment (Class I – III) Annual Examination (Class IV – VII)
12, Friendship Day | Preschool
23, Result Day | Preschool - VII
25, Spring Break | Preschool - VII

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