Chairman’s Message

I firmly believe that education is the basic right of all human beings living on this planet regardless of their social background. An educated nation is democratically stable and consistent in its economic viability, what I have learnt through my passion for education for the last Three decades.

Though the state is primarily responsible to eradicate illiteracy, this task cannot be accomplished without realization and joint endeavors by the stakeholders of our society.

In order to enable all individuals to reach and utilize their maximum potential, education is categorically imperative. Education also combats unemployment, confirms sound foundation of social equity, awareness, tolerance and spread of political socialization and cultural vitality. To meet such challenges we all need to extend helping-hand to one another.

I am proud of the fact that we have been able to make a remarkable contribution for quality education in Pakistan. We have, therefore, tried to share in the development of human resource capital from the general masses by providing affordable educational opportunities throughout Pakistan.

I hope and desire that our education system should produce responsible, enlightened citizens to align Pakistan with the global framework of economic and social prosperity. I am confident that Allied Schools will suffice this dire need of our society.

Allied Schools is another effort to remain on the leading role for literacy improvement in Pakistan. I therefore, welcome parents and their children to become part of Allied Schools family to grow together.

I believe it is today we must create the world of the future.

Mian Amer Mahmood, Chairman

Executive Director’s Message

Striving for Excellence

Since 1985, Punjab Group of Colleges (PGC) has successfully established the largest quality education network in the private sector across Pakistan.

Besides imparting education at Punjab Colleges and school levels, the Punjab Group proudly owns and maintains Capital University of Science and Technology in Islamabad, University of Central Punjab in Lahore, Mohammad Ali Jinnah University in Islamabad and Karachi.

The institutions of The Group, however, offer opportunities for education across the country commensurate with our own cultural values while maintaining national and international standards.

Tower Technologies is a hi-tech company of The Group which provides expertise and tailor made solutions ranging from client server applications to internet based static web sites to the dynamic message content based portals to the mobile telecommunications.

It is further substantiated that the mission to spread cost-effective quality education, which is already at the priority of The Group, is made possible through alliance-based education network across Pakistan, entitled as: Allied Schools. The Group has launched Allied Schools International to meet the need of Pakistani community settled abroad in particular and to stand-out in the International market of Education in general.

With the Great Grace of Almighty Allah, our progress manifests our commitment and sustainability for the noble cause of Education.

Prof. Sohail Afzal, Executive Director
Dr. Shahid Mahmood

Project Director's Message

It is an honor and privilege to introduce the fundamental concept of the Franchises Schools initiated by PGC. The core purpose of this collaborative project is to create a network of standardized quality institutions across Pakistan by focusing on English medium curriculum and instruction for mainstream education.

This project has been actualized through creating network of alliances with people from the private sector against a long-term sustainable partnership to help our education sector. Resultantly, partnership will bring a win-win situation while making investment for human resource capital formulation.

It is only possible by sharing in the learnt successful experience of more than three decades of The Group.

With an established system, acknowledged brand name and consistent upward mobility curve of The Group, we all shall succeed – Insha Allah.

Dr. Shahid Mahmood, Project Director