To impart quality education to meet the required educational standards of 21st century through an intellectually challenging teaching and learning environment with special emphasis on technology and research based practices as a basis for developing and implementing conceptually sound educational programmes.


To inculcate love for learning in the students and to enable them to take up a pivotal role in the society as confident, respectful, responsible, competent, independent and motivated learners.


To provide students with various styles of teachings and social skills to bring about a change in their thoughts and behaviors. To translate human values into practice, through role model. To create and develop students as creative, reflective, constructive and communicative individuals. To enable students to become citizens committed to create a just civil society that respects diversity of views, beliefs and faiths.

Scope of Responsibilities

  1. To collaborate with academic colleagues on Curriculum Development
  2. Ensuring the timely development and delivery of Scheme of Studies, Lesson plans and Support Material (IX & X)
  3. Coordinate with the Media Department the development of animations
  4. Coordinate with the Publication Department for the timely development of textbooks and activity books
  5. Ensure the timely preparation and delivery of the summer and winter packs
  6. To ensure the standardized preparation of exams, assessments, admission test and online test (Question Bank)
  7. To formulate the academic and activity calendar
  8. To organize co-curricular activities according to the activity calendar