All campuses of Allied Schools network, located in Punjab Province are required to get registered with School Education Department of Govt. of the Punjab vide Notification No. SO (Schools) 3-6/80 dated 13-08-1984 (as amended vide No.PA/ASG/887/2001 and onward). For other Provinces, Federal Capital Territory, FATA and AJK the Notification of the respective education Departments will be applicable.

Question 2: What is meant by Affiliation?
Answer: For Secondary (9th /10th) Classes, the allied Schools will also be required to get affiliation with the respective Board of Intermediate & Secondary Education (BISE), having jurisdiction over their areas of location.

Question 3: Who is responsible for Registration & Affiliation?
Answer: The Campus Administration is responsible for the Registration / Affiliation. This document, primarily based upon the Notifications Of the Govt. of Punjab, is for Guidance only. In order to comply properly,Campus must immediately start the process by visit to the respective EDO (Education) and BISE, as applicable.

Question 4: What documents are to be attached with Application for School Registration?
Answer: The following documents are to be attached with the application while applying for the registration of the school:

Registration fee Challan
Approved map of the school building
An Affidavit indicating name of school, level, owner’s name
Copy of rent deed/ ownership deed
Building fitness certificate from registered engineer/ architect
Hygienic certificate from the DHO, health department
Printed prospectus and admission form
Teacher appointment orders and their testimonials
Rules and regulations of the institutions
Memorandum of the association in case of registered body
Registration certificate in case of NGO/ association body/ registered by authority/ joint stock from the social welfare department
Note: Registration of schools by Government is done in 3 Levels, Primary (Pre-School Classes & Primary Classes),
Elementary (6th to 8th Class) and Secondary (9th and 10th Class). Beyond Primary Level, Co-Education is not allowed
by Government. Hence, every School has to register its campus as Elementary-Boys, Elementary-Girls,
Secondary-Boys and Secondary-Girls. Each registration is to be done separately under the Rules & Regulations.

Question 5: What Registers are to be maintained by School?
Answer: There are 4 Categories of registers:

Register for Academic Record;
Register for School Assets;
Register for Administrative setup;
Register for Students Funds. (Note: In case of Allied Schools, these will be inspected/evaluated by SEEP Department on Campus Evaluation Visit.)

Question 6: What are the documents to be attached with application for affiliation with BISE?
Answer: Following are categories of documents, which are to be attached with the Application:

Physical facilities (Land, Building, Labs etc)
Academic facilities;
Faculty and Staff;
Library and Books;
Computer & IT facilities;
Students Data;
Financial Position.
(Details contained in the Affiliation Application)
The students will be charged following types of fee at rates prescribed from time to time by the Head Office for each Academic Year. Campuses are advised not to charge over & above this and parents are also advised not to pay more than the prescribed.

Details on Fee Structure / Rates are also available at https://alliedschools.edu.pk/fee-structure/

Admission Fee / Admission Processing Fee
One time Admission fee will be charged only from newly admitted students and is non-refundable. In addition to the Admission Processing Fee (Non-refundable) is also charged.
Annual Subscription Fee
The Campus will charge Annual Subscription Fee at the start of an Academic Session.
Security Deposit
One time Security Deposit will be charged at the time of admission. It is refundable and will only be refunded at the time of student’s Leaving the Campus by way of completion of education or withdrawal, etc. In case of inter-city Transfer it will also be transferred as per relevant procedure.
Tuition Fee
The campus will normally charge two months Tuition Fee in advance through Fee Challan Form.
Late Fee
The campus will charge late fee from Parents/Guardian who fail to deposit Tuition Fee on time, as prescribed on the fee Challan Form.
6.   Mode of Payment
The parent / guardian will have to pay the Tuition Fee (or any other) through designated bank.

Question 2:   How you can apply for admission?
Answer :
There are two ways to apply for registration, leading to the admission of the student:

By Personal visit to the campus

All types of Registration and Admission Forms are available at the Campus Front Desk (Reception Office) . Parents/Students can physically visit for registration and Admission purpose.
Online Access

Online Access to the parents is available at Allied School website (www.alliedschools.edu.pk) for downloading of First Registration Form only.
Click on Downloads;
Click on First Registration Form; The Form will be visible.
For Print Press (Ctrl+P) button or Print dialog box in the right bottom corner;
Fill its hard copy and Submit it to the respective campus, which will take further necessary action.

Question 3:   What is the purpose of Admission policy?
Answer :
The purpose of this admission policy is to:
Standardize First Registration, Registration for Admission, Admission and Withdrawal processes;
Standardize Inter – city transfer facility.
 Click on Admission.
 Click on Admission Form.
Click Add button provided at the bottom of the form to add a new studentdata.
 Fill in all the information of thestudent, make sure to fill in at least the compulsory fields mentioned with*(asterisk)
Compulsory fields are Campus, Program, Academic Year, Term, ClassTitle, Name, Gender, Mobile Number, Father Name, Father NIC No, Challan Issuance Date, Admission Date, Section
 Click on Save to save the Admission Form.
On saving the Admission Form will give message on Successful operation.
 If not saved successfully check the compulsory fields are entered correctly or not, highlighted with red *(asterisk)

Question 2: How to Add Sibling Concession to the Student?
Answer :

On adding admission form of a student, go to Sibling section of the form.
Enter the Student ID of Base student in the Student ID Field.
 Click on Find button.
 If the Father Name & Father NIC are same for both Base Student & Sibling Student, the sibling will be found with the information regarding student Campus name, class and section. Finally select the Relation to give student the Sibling Discount and Save the admission form.

Question 3: How to Enter Received Date & activate the student in the Web Portal?
Answer :

 Go to Fee Generation.
 Click on Fee paid date.
 Select your Criteria & click Show.
Click on check box to enable the received date for individual OR click on all check
boxes to enable all received dates.
Select receive date for individual or select receive date from the header for the entire student challans.
Click Save button to save the received date for all of the selected challans.
Student will be activated as the received date is entered for the First Challan.

Question 4: How to Edit the Challan Form?
Answer :

Go to Fee Generation.
 Click on Student Fee Generation.
 Enter Challan No. to find, if found, the Fee Structure will appear.
Edit the required head and press Save button.

Question 5: How to Print Bimonthly/Regular Challan?
Answer :

 Go to Fee Generation.
Click on Campus Fee Generation.
 Select your criteria and click List.
This will populate the list of all Challan Forms according to the selected criteria.
 Click on Print for individual Challan Print against the each Challan.
Click on Print All button to print all of the challans at once.

Question 6: How to search Challan & Print on Student ID?
Answer :

Go to Fee Generation.
Click on View Student Challan.
 Entering Student ID and pressing View will show the student in the table below.
 Click Print against the Challan to Print.

Question 7: How to Enter received date for the Regular Challan?
Answer :

 Go to Fee Generation.
 Click on Fee paid date.
Select your Criteria & press Show.
 Click on check box to enable the Received Date for individual OR click on all check boxes to enable all received dates.
Enter Received Date for individual student or enter Receive Date from the header for all of the student challans.
 Press Save to save the Received Date for all the selected challans.

Question 8: How to Withdraw a Student?
Answer :

 Go to Admissions.
Click on Withdraw Students.
 Select Academic Term.
Enter Student ID.
Fill out the boxes having *(star).
Press Save button.
(Note: To submit a withdraw student request, Academic Term is the current year of the student which you can see from View Admitted Students reports under Campus Reports)

Question 9: How to Transfer the Student?
Answer :

Select Admissions.
Select Transfer of Students.
Enter student ID.
Select Campus Name to be transferred.
Enter reason & click on Apply button.
(Note: To submit a withdraw student request, Academic Term is the current year of the student which you can see from View Admitted Students reports under Campus Reports)

Question 10: How to take Attendance?
Answer :

Select Attendance.
Then click Student Attendance.
 Press Add button.
Select Class from the drop down list.
 Select Section from the drop down list.
 Then select Date from Calendar, it will populate the list of students admitted in the class.
 For online attendance, select the status of all the students as Present, absent, Late, Leave. (Present is selected by default)
Then click save button to mark the attendance. i. For manual attendance, click Print button.

Question 11: How to Approve Attendance?
Answer :

 Select Attendance.
Then click Student Attendance Approval.
Select the same criterion against which attendance has been marked and click Un Approved Attendance Approved Attendance List button, a grid will be populated.
 Enter the Date and select Yes from the drop down list of status (Status is NO by default).
Click Approve button against the above selection.

Question 12: How to View/Print Lesson Plan and Support Material?
Answer :

 Go to Lesson Plan.
 Click on Daily Lesson Plan.
Select your criteria and click View, it will show you the list of all the Lesson Plans for a subject day by day.
Click View Content to print the Lesson Plans.
Click on View Support Material.
Select your criteria and press View, it will show you list of all the support material for a subject in a week.

Question 13: How to View/Print Test and Examination?
Answer :

Go to Test and Examination.
 Click on Campus Exam.
Select your criteria & press View button, it will show you the list all scheduled Exams / Assessments for a subject. d. Click View Content to print the Exam / Assessment.

Question 14: How to View/Print the summer pack?
Answer :

 Go to Summer Pack.
 Click on Summer Pack View.
Select your criteria & press View button, it will show you the list all the Summer Pack for a subject for a Class.
 Click View Content to print the Summer Pack.

Question 15: How to View/Print Admitted student List?
Answer :

 Go to Campus Reports.
 Click on View Admitted Students.
Select your criteria and click View, it will show you the list of all the students for a selected class.
Click Print button to print the list.

Question 16: How to Edit Current Term?
Answer :

Log onto web portal through Principal login.
 Click on setup.
Click on Campus Edit Current Term.
 Select the Term accordingly.
Click on the save button to change the term.

Question 17: How to Edit/Upload Exam/Assessment Result?
Answer :

Click on the Test and Examination.
Select Class Sub-Grade Map.
Select Class.
 Select Exam Type, a list of students will appear.
Enter the result accordingly.
 Click on the Approve/Save button.

For Primary and others

 Click on Test and Examination.
 Select Exam Results.
Select the Class.
 Select Exam Type a list of students will appear.
Enter the result accordingly.
Click on the Approve/save Button.

Question 18: How to enter Teachers Profile?
Answer :

 Go to Allied School Systems,
Click on Teacher tab,
Click on Teacher’s Profile,
Press ADD button at the bottom of the profile & enter the complete data
 Click on Next button & enter the required data
 Click on the Save Button.

Question 19: How to Search and Edit a Particular Student in Campus?
Answer :

Select Reports.
Click Student Search.
 Press Search by Student ID button.
Check the Check Box to search for the student exclusively for a particularfield i.e.,
Student ID OR Student Name OR Father NIC.
Press View button to find and edit the student admission form.


Select Reports.
Click Student Search.
Press search by Campus/Class button.
 Select criteria and click View button to view the list of studentunder the selected criteria.
 Click View to find and edit the student’s admission form.

Question 20: How to View Student Login ID and Password?
Answer :

 Click Setup.
Click on Adm_View_Password_RoleWise.
On appearing the form, select Role from the drop down list where role of Student and Parent is available.
If role of student is selected on pressing View button a grid will be populated, containing the list of student
login IDs and passwords.
If role of parent is selected, on pressing View button, a grid will be populated containing the list of parent
login IDs and passwords.
 Kindly make sure that Fee Paid Date has been entered for that particular Student for whom you need login Id
and password.

Question 21: How to Shop Online?
Answer :

i. How to Login?

 Go to shop.alliedschools.edu.pk
Enter your CRO Login ID and Password

ii. How to place an order?

 Go to Transaction menu and click on CampusOrder
 Click on Add button
 Select your Campus Name
 RequisitionNo. and RequisitionDate will be populated automatically
A grid of Categories will be populated
Click on plus sign to populate the Sub Categories
 Click on the Sub Category
A separate grid will be populated showing Item ID, Description and its Price.
Click on the Check Box to enter the Quantity and Remarks against a particular item.
Select Payment Mode
 Enter Remarks
 Click Add button provided at the bottom of items grid
(Note:Multiple Categories of items can be added by repeating the instructions from e to k)

iii. How to acknowledge?

 Go to Transaction menu and click on CampusReceive Note
 Click on Add button
Select your Campus Name
 Please select Dispatch No. from the list and two grids will be populated
Click on Checkbox against the item in the grid
 Enter Received Quantity
 Enter Receiver name
 Enter No. of Packages
 Enter Remarks
 Click on Save button to acknowledge

Things to remember!

Do not leave Portal idle in any case, always please Log off properly
 In case of any issue try to understand it first and then confirm whether it is temporary
server error or this error occurs due to the slow speed of internet connection
If still you do not get an idea what to do then please report this error with proper screen shots
to the respective CRO in head office.
In case of any query do not hesitate to contact CRM department of Allied Schools.

Question 22: How to Log on to the Web Portal?
Answer :

Openyour Internet Browser.
 Type http://portal.alliedschools.edu.pk
Enter Your Username and Password.
 Click Log In to Enter into the Portal.
Click on the Left Menu Allied School System.

Question 23: How to Cancel a Withdraw Student request?
Answer :

 Click on Admissions;
 Click on Withdraw Student;
Select the Academic Term the student currently in;
Press List button;
 Enter Cancel Remarks against the student you want to Cancel Withdraw Request;
 Click on Cancel against the record.
(Note: Withdraw request can only be cancelled before Approval from the School Principal)
In Toddlers they will have a day schedule of three hours and in the schedule the timing will be flexible for the students.

Question 2: What is the required age group for Pre School?
Answer :
The Required age group for Pre School is:

Minimum 2 Years
Maximum 2+ Years


Minimum 2+ Years
Maximum 3 Years


Minimum 3 Years
Maximum 4 Years


Minimum 4 Years
Maximum 5 Years

Question 3: What will be the physical arrangements for toddler’s classroom?
Answer :The complete instructions and layout will beprovided by the Head Office to all operative campuses, so that they can set upToddlers classroom and learning areas.

Question 4: Can all the campuses of Allied start Toddlers or the access is restricted?
Answer :
All campuses are authorized to start Toddlers if there is a scope for toddlers level in their respective area and they fulfill all requirements needed for the set up of toddlers according to the guidelines provided by the Head office.

Question 5: Like classes I to V, why not to design papers for Class Prep.
Answer :We are following Continuous Assessment System from Playgroup to class III, so there will be no formal exams or papers in class Prep.

Question 6: What are the summer and winter timings for Pre School?
Answer :
The summer and winter timings are as follow:

Level                        Summer Timings                   Winter Timings

Toddlers         Timings are flexible for 3 hours a day according to the comfort of the parents. Timings are flexible for 3 hours a day according to the comfort of the parents.

Playgroup                     8 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.                 8:15 a.m. to 12:45 p.m.

Nursery                          8 a.m. to 12:45 p.m.                 8:15 a.m. to 01:00 p.m.

Prep                                 8 a.m. to 01 p.m.                       8:15 a.m. to 01:15 p.m.

(for all classes)                8 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.                    8:15 a.m. to 11:45 a.m.

Question 7: Why not to take assessments at the end of each month?
Answer :
It is not possible in continuous assessment system, as these assessments are diagnostic assessments so whenever we complete a topic we have to take the assessment.

Question 8: What is “Knowledge around the World?
Answer :
Knowledge Around the world is one of our subject, in which we have merged the concepts of Social Studies, Science and General Knowledge.

Question 9: What is a holistic development?
Answer :
Allied Pre School does not endorse development to be a linear process. It emphasizes development to be simultaneous and integrated process and has divided the development process into the following major areas:

Personal, Social and Emotional Development
Physical Development
Language Development
Cognitive Development

Question 10: Which Teaching Methods are you following?
Answer :
All children in Allied Pre School will experience a play based curriculum of planned, independent and adult led activities. Activities in Pre School are planned in the following learning areas:

Reading Area
Writing Area
Maths Area
Exploration Area
Language Area
Role Play/ Imaginative Play Area
Art Area
Home Area

Question 11: What are portfolio Sheets?
Answer :
Portfolio Sheets are assessment sheets to be taken by Allied Pre School teachers at the end of the week or after each concept is taught. Teachers will get these sheets with lesson plans uploaded on portal from head office.
Teachers will keep the record of Portfolio sheets, summative assessment sheet and work sample of students in their black ring folder in a systematic way (according to the dates).
Continuous assessment will be conducted through the Portfolio System, which includes,

Portfolios (assessment sheet)
Summative assessment
Anecdotal notes
Rating scales
Children’s sample work

Question 12: What is our homework policy?
Answer :
Homework policy is given in the Operational Manual of Allied Pre School. Homework should be given as mentioned in lesson plans but teacher can give extra homework according to their student’s needs; but homework should be a reinforcement of class work. Teacher should not give new concept as homework.

Question 13: How to plan physical development (Games) and Art lessons?
Answer :

Class teachers should have co-ordination meeting with subject teachers every week and discuss the topics and themes to be taught during the week in all subjects. Subject teachers should link their lessons with the topics and themes e.g. if the theme is “My Body” students can play games in which they can have recognition of different parts of the body like“Simon says….”In art lesson students can draw their parts of body on loose sheet or they can do hand and foot printing.

Question 14: How to set different learning areas in Playgroup and Nursery?
Answer :

Teachers will set learning areas according to the lesson plan and suggestions given in the handouts provided in the training session. Teachers should set learning areas activities according to the lesson plans and resources available. Teachers will change the resource timely to keep the students’ focus and interest. Always involve students in setting up the learning areas.

Question 15: Are we teaching 'Islamiat'? just in class Prep?
Answer :
We are not teaching Islamiat just in class Prep.We have included the lesson of Islamiat in “Gather Together Time” for classes Playgroup and Nursery.
Allied Schools has made a policy regarding homework that it would be given twice a week for core subjects and once a week for the remaining subjects. The policy is designed keeping in mind that student’s learning would be maximum in the class rather than only writing the copies at home.

Question 2: Is project work necessary?
Answer :
Project work is a crucial part of students’learning at Allied Schools. It encourages the students to engage themselves in the process of inquiry, investigation and inquisitive learning and bringing out an extended learning and research into a real world topic that is of interest to students and judged by the teachers.

Question 3: What is the correct method for conducting CBT?
Answer :
CBT is scheduled for a limited time period in such a format that they are accessible only through student’s login. To attempt CBT, each student has to log on Portal with their Portal IDs.

Question 4: What is meant by Continuous Assessment?
Answer :
Continuous Assessment means that the assessments are repeated after regular intervals of time but the syllabus of one assessment is not included in the next assessment.

Question 5: What is the difference between continuous assessment and examination?
Answer :
The syllabus for assessment is not repeated in the next assessment where as in examination the whole syllabus for the term is included.

Question 6: What do you mean by the support material?
Answer :
In support material we make maximum number of MCQs, fill in the blanks and short questions from the lesson to guide the teacher that such type of questions can be asked and students should be able to answer these questions. We believe that teacher should cover all the different aspects of the topic during explanation. As the name indicates it is supportive for the students to solve BISE examination papers.

Question 7: Are your lesson plans related to your assessments?
Answer :
Our lesson plans and assessments are based on the theme of concept based studies. So it is not necessary that only those questions given in lesson plans, worksheet or a textbook will be asked in an assessment.

Question 8: Don't you think that subjective questions should be more in question papers as compared to the objective questions?
Answer :

We, in Head Office, do not believe in testing the memory of students. We believe in testing the knowledge and concept of the students.

Question 9: How can we view Urdu papers, lesson plans and other materials in proper format?
Answer :
To view all relevant materials in Urdu, you must install Noori Nastaleeq Font.

Question 10: What is the promotion and retention policy of Allied Schools?
Answer :
Students are not retained in classes I,II and III. Students scoring 40% marks overall should be promoted to the next class.
If a student scores 37% to 39% and fails in one or two subjects, will be conditionally promoted to the next class on the condition to score 40% or more in a re-test after one month for the subjects failed in, from the same syllabus. On scoring 40% or more marks in the failing subject / subjects will be permanently promoted to the next class.
Supply chain management (SCM) is the oversight of materials, information, and finances as they move in a process from supplier to manufacturer to wholesaler to retailer to consumer.

Question 2: What kind of items supplied by the SCM?
Answer :
It includes Allied Schools & Resource Academia Publications, Kits, Promotional Material and Allied School uniform.

Question 3: What is Shopping Mall?
Answer :
Shopping Mall is a web based application, which can be accessed from Allied School main web page.

Question 4: How to get registered @ Shopping Mall?
Answer :
A specific user account along with password can be requested by the H.O.

Question 5: How long does it take to Process the order?
Answer :
It takes about 3-4 working days in case of courier or supplies could be collected from SCM in person on the same day after due clearance of payments from Finance section.

Question 6: What are modes of payment?
Answer :
It could be DD, Pay orders, online cash, Cashier cheque, Banker cheque and cheque. On cheques supplies will be delivered after clearance.

Question 7: What are modes of delivery/consignment?
Answer :
Courier service or one can collect supplies in person or on behalf of campus after submitting LOA (letter of Authority).

Question 8: How to track the shipments?
Answer :
Shipment status can be tracked through SCM representative.

Question 9: Where is SCM located?
Answer :
Allied Schools SCM Office, Near Suparco Office, Hanjar Wall Lahore.Contact No. +92 42 35292833 and 35292980

Question 10: How and where to place the order?
Answer :
Orders can be placed at Allied School Shopping Mall http://shop.alliedschools.edu.pk/ or one can place order to respective CRO in CRM department.