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To provide robust, progressive and appropriate information technology services for the Allied Schools students, parents, faculty and Campus staff and to ensure their connectivity with the Head Office to implement ICT standards at Allied School System


To manage, control and maintain ICT infrastructure, provide quality and cost-effective ICT services, extend technical support for campuses through auditing, analytical review of developed system and suggesting corrective measures


The purpose of Allied Schools is to prepare students with the promise of enhancing their intellectual, physical, social, emotional, spiritual, and artistic growth so that they may realize their power for good as citizens of Pakistan.

Scope of Responsibilities

  • Project Planning, ascertain proper and smooth operations of ICT within the organization
  • Coordination between Tower Technologies and Allied Schools Head Office
  • To augment and improve the infrastructure of the information systems (connectivity, hardware, software), the organizational structure and human resource capacity building through ICT user training
  • Help other departments to provide a broad and balanced ICT curriculum that meets the needs of all stakeholders
  • Administration of corporate Website, Campus Website, Web Portal and Shopping Mall
  • To advise on Information Security in the use of computers and maintain important information and data backups
  • Supervise the installation and commissioning of computer networks and systems
  • To advise on adoption of most efficient and effective ICT policy
  • Drawing up specifications to facilitate procurement of appropriate computer hardware and software
  • Contact point on all ICT issues (i.e., ICT Management)
  • Represent the organization on all forums related to ICT
  • Assess the impact of ICT in economic growth and development
  • To increase and improve information and data availability, thereby assisting the management in decision making and in providing services to the stakeholders
  • Evaluate new technology to determine if it will provide benefits to the organization in achieving its objectives