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All campuses of Allied Schools network, located in Punjab Province are required to get registered with School Education Department of Govt. of the Punjab vide Notification No. SO (Schools) 3-6/80 dated 13-08-1984 (as amended vide No.PA/ASG/887/2001 and onward). For other Provinces, Federal Capital Territory, FATA and AJK the Notification of the respective education Departments will be applicable.

Question 1.1: What is meant by Affiliation?

Answer: For Secondary (9th /10th) Classes, the allied Schools will also be required to get affiliation with the respective Board of Intermediate & Secondary Education (BISE), having jurisdiction over their areas of location.

Question 1.2: Who is responsible for Registration & Affiliation?

Answer: The Campus Administration is responsible for the Registration / Affiliation. This document, primarily based upon the Notifications Of the Govt. of Punjab, is for Guidance only. In order to comply properly,Campus must immediately start the process by visit to the respective EDO (Education) and BISE, as applicable.

Question 1.3: What documents are to be attached with Application for School Registration?

Answer: The following documents are to be attached with the application while applying for the registration of the school:

  1. Registration fee Challan
  2. Approved map of the school building
  3. An Affidavit indicating name of school, level, owner’s name
  4. Copy of rent deed/ ownership deed
  5. Building fitness certificate from registered engineer/ architect
  6. Hygienic certificate from the DHO, health department
  7. Printed prospectus and admission form
  8. Teacher appointment orders and their testimonials
  9. Rules and regulations of the institutions
  10. Memorandum of the association in case of registered body
  11. Registration certificate in case of NGO/ association body/ registered by authority/ joint stock from the social welfare department
Note: Registration of schools by Government is done in 3 Levels, Primary (Pre-School Classes & Primary Classes), Elementary (6th to 8th Class) and Secondary (9th and 10th Class). Beyond Primary Level, Co-Education is not allowed by Government. Hence, every School has to register its campus as Elementary-Boys, Elementary-Girls, Secondary-Boys and Secondary-Girls. Each registration is to be done separately under the Rules & Regulations.
Question 1.4: What Registers are to be maintained by School?
Answer: There are 4 Categories of registers:
  1. Register for Academic Record;
  2. Register for School Assets;
  3. Register for Administrative setup;
  4. Register for Students Funds. (Note: In case of Allied Schools, these will be inspected/evaluated by SEEP Department on Campus Evaluation Visit.)

Question 1.5: What are the documents to be attached with application for affiliation with BISE?
Answer: Following are categories of documents, which are to be attached with the Application:

  1. Physical facilities (Land, Building, Labs etc)
  2. Academic facilities;
  3. Faculty and Staff;
  4. Library and Books;
  5. Computer & IT facilities;
  6. Students Data;
  7. Admissions;
  8. Financial Position.

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