2- What are Types of fees?

The students will be charged following types of fee at rates prescribed from time to time by the Head Office for each Academic Year. Campuses are advised not to charge over & above this and parents are also advised not to pay more than the prescribed.

Details on Fee Structure / Rates are also available at https://alliedschools.edu.pk/fee-structure/

  1. Admission Fee / Admission Processing Fee
    One time Admission fee will be charged only from newly admitted students and is non-refundable. In addition to the Admission Processing Fee (Non-refundable) is also charged.
  2. Annual Subscription Fee
    The Campus will charge Annual Subscription Fee at the start of an Academic Session.
  3. Security Deposit
    One time Security Deposit will be charged at the time of admission. It is refundable and will only be refunded at the time of student’s Leaving the Campus by way of completion of education or withdrawal, etc. In case of inter-city Transfer it will also be transferred as per relevant procedure.
  4. Tuition Fee
    The campus will normally charge two months Tuition Fee in advance through Fee Challan Form.
  5. Late Fee
    The campus will charge late fee from Parents/Guardian who fail to deposit Tuition Fee on time, as prescribed on the fee Challan Form.
    6.   Mode of Payment
    The parent / guardian will have to pay the Tuition Fee (or any other) through designated bank.

Question 2.1:   How you can apply for admission?
Answer :
There are two ways to apply for registration, leading to the admission of the student:

By Personal visit to the campus

All types of Registration and Admission Forms are available at the Campus Front Desk (Reception Office) . Parents/Students can physically visit for registration and Admission purpose.
Online Access

Online Access to the parents is available at Allied School website (www.alliedschools.edu.pk) for downloading of First Registration Form only.
Click on Downloads;
Click on First Registration Form; The Form will be visible.
For Print Press (Ctrl+P) button or Print dialog box in the right bottom corner;
Fill its hard copy and Submit it to the respective campus, which will take further necessary action.

Question 2.2:   What is the purpose of Admission policy?
Answer :
The purpose of this admission policy is to:
Standardize First Registration, Registration for Admission, Admission and Withdrawal processes;
Standardize Inter – city transfer facility.

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