6- What is Supply Chain Management?

Supply chain management (SCM) is the oversight of materials, information, and finances as they move in a process from supplier to manufacturer to wholesaler to retailer to consumer.

Question 6.1: What kind of items supplied by the SCM?
Answer :
It includes Allied Schools & Resource Academia Publications, Kits, Promotional Material and Allied School uniform.

Question 6.2: What is Shopping Mall?
Answer :
Shopping Mall is a web based application, which can be accessed from Allied School main web page.

Question 6.3: How to get registered @ Shopping Mall?
Answer :
A specific user account along with password can be requested by the H.O.

Question 6.4: How long does it take to Process the order?
Answer :
It takes about 3-4 working days in case of courier or supplies could be collected from SCM in person on the same day after due clearance of payments from Finance section.

Question 6.5: What are modes of payment?
Answer :
It could be DD, Pay orders, online cash, Cashier cheque, Banker cheque and cheque. On cheques supplies will be delivered after clearance.

Question 6.6: What are modes of delivery/consignment?
Answer :
Courier service or one can collect supplies in person or on behalf of campus after submitting LOA (letter of Authority).

Question 6.7: How to track the shipments?
Answer :
Shipment status can be tracked through SCM representative.

Question 6.8: Where is SCM located?
Answer :
Allied Schools SCM Office, Near Suparco Office, Hanjar Wall Lahore.Contact No. +92 42 35292833 and 35292980

Question 6.9: How and where to place the order?
Answer :
Orders can be placed at Allied School Shopping Mall or one can place order to respective CRO in CRM department.

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