5- What is the homework policy?

Allied Schools has made a policy regarding homework that it would be given twice a week for core subjects and once a week for the remaining subjects. The policy is designed keeping in mind that student’s learning would be maximum in the class rather than only writing the copies at home.

Question 5.1: Is project work necessary?
Answer :
Project work is a crucial part of students’learning at Allied Schools. It encourages the students to engage themselves in the process of inquiry, investigation and inquisitive learning and bringing out an extended learning and research into a real world topic that is of interest to students and judged by the teachers.

Question 5.2: What is the correct method for conducting CBT?
Answer :
CBT is scheduled for a limited time period in such a format that they are accessible only through student’s login. To attempt CBT, each student has to log on Portal with their Portal IDs.

Question 5.3: What is meant by Continuous Assessment?
Answer :
Continuous Assessment means that the assessments are repeated after regular intervals of time but the syllabus of one assessment is not included in the next assessment.

Question 5.4: What is the difference between continuous assessment and examination?
Answer :
The syllabus for assessment is not repeated in the next assessment where as in examination the whole syllabus for the term is included.

Question 5.5: What do you mean by the support material?
Answer :
In support material we make maximum number of MCQs, fill in the blanks and short questions from the lesson to guide the teacher that such type of questions can be asked and students should be able to answer these questions. We believe that teacher should cover all the different aspects of the topic during explanation. As the name indicates it is supportive for the students to solve BISE examination papers.

Question 5.6: Are your lesson plans related to your assessments?
Answer :
Our lesson plans and assessments are based on the theme of concept based studies. So it is not necessary that only those questions given in lesson plans, worksheet or a textbook will be asked in an assessment.

Question 5.7: Don’t you think that subjective questions should be more in question papers as compared to the objective questions?
Answer :

We, in Head Office, do not believe in testing the memory of students. We believe in testing the knowledge and concept of the students.

Question 5.8: How can we view Urdu papers, lesson plans and other materials in proper format?
Answer :
To view all relevant materials in Urdu, you must install Noori Nastaleeq Font.

Question 5.9: What is the promotion and retention policy of Allied Schools?
Answer :
Students are not retained in classes I,II and III. Students scoring 40% marks overall should be promoted to the next class.
If a student scores 37% to 39% and fails in one or two subjects, will be conditionally promoted to the next class on the condition to score 40% or more in a re-test after one month for the subjects failed in, from the same syllabus. On scoring 40% or more marks in the failing subject / subjects will be permanently promoted to the next class.

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