Quality Assurance Department


We add Value, from initiation to Commissioning of Allied Schools; and, once operative, in the Operation Systems as a Team; simultaneously, keep contact with our key stakeholders through co-coordinating Departments to induce Qualitative Improvement.


We envision Allied Schools Network , especially International Brand, conforming to a vibrant Global Quality Management System by end of current decade.


To contribute towards Quality of Education, as defined in the Campus Operation Manuals/Standards, in co-ordination with concerned Departments and Regional Offices.

Scope of Responsibilities

  • Co-ordination in respect of preparation/revision of Campus Operation Procedures¬†(Academics, School Administration, Finance & Accounting)
  • Standards for Inspection of Sites/Buildings for School Opening aspre-requisite for MOU
  • Co-ordination in respect of Campus Up-gradation Process as per defined Procedure and Requirements.
  • Communication with Regional Offices /Campuses on specified ¬†matters , as per directions of Higher Management.
  • Participation in School Evaluation Team.
  • Annual Quality and Other Analysis Reports.
  • Preparatory Work for International Standards and Quality Certifications.
  • Advisory Role in Lego-Contractual issues.