Student Education Assurance Policy

Student Education Assurance Policy

Allied School Campus will pass on Education Assurance benefit to such deserving students if the earning parent of an Allied School student dies. This is an economic relief displaying Social Corporate gesture subject to fulfillment of certain conditions set by Allied School Corporate Office.

Campus will submit claims of Student Education Assurance (SEA) to CRM Department, Head Office on prescribed Application Form. If there is any deficiency in the case forwarded by the campus, CRM Department will take up the matter with the campus and get it completed before initiating of the process at Head Office.

The verifying departments consisting of Manager- CRM, Manager ICT and Manager Finance will recommend cases of Student Education Assurance to the office of Project Director, Allied Schools for necessary approval process in the light of this Policy document.

Key features / prerequisites of the Scheme are considered as an integral part of Finance & Accounting Manual/Campus Operating Procedure: Chapter-10.


  1. Student Education Assurance Policy is applicable to those students whose earning parent dies during their study at Allied School.
  2. 50 % of student tuition fee cost is to be borne by Allied School Campus.
  3. 50 % of student tuition fee cost is to be borne by National Educational Network (Pvt.) Limited (NENPL) including 10% waiver of Royalty against a particular student of demise case.
  4. The contribution of the NENPL can also be adjusted in NWAs financial settlements, if needed.
  5. Campus doing default in updating students on web Portal are liable to bear the cost of 100% tuition fee along with penalties (if any).
  6. Copy of Admission Form* and Student ID Card * is made available by Campus clearly indicating date of admission in school.(*In case any clarification is required on Student Portal ID)
  7. Valid Student ID is available as generated by Web Portal of Allied School before the death of earning parent.
  8. Claimant student is not a standing defaulter of Campus dues prior to death of parent.
  9. Claimants / Students are not encouraged to apply directly to Allied Schools Corporate Office. They should apply through the respective Campus.
  10. The initial verification of NADRA –B Form* will be done by the Campus itself.(In case any clarification is required on the Student Portal ID)
  11. The verification of Death Certificate issued by Union Council/Distt. Council should be carried out by the campus before the submission of the case to the CRM department at Head Office.
  12. Campuses are supposed to apply on the prescribed Application Form for the Student Education Assurance Claim, as and when the death of earning parent occurs, along with required documents.
  13. Student will continue to avail tuition fee waiver till the student remains a student in any of the Allied Schools Campus. Concession will remain effective even if a student is transferred to any other Campus through proper channel via Inter-City Transfer Scheme.
  14. Concession would not be available on Uniforms, Text Books, Notebooks and other supplies and it is limited only to the extent of tuition fee.

“Default” includes but not limited to, when a student is on the roll of a Campus but there are arrears of Campus dues recoverable from the student (at the date of Education Assurance Claim), whether current or previous in nature. So the element of dues payment with or without fine also stands settled from the proposed definition of Default.

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