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Since 1985, Punjab Group of Colleges (PGC) has successfully established the largest quality Education Network in the private sector across the country. PGC as a progressive enterprise includes 3 Chartered Universities, 234 College and 400 + Allied School Campuses and 25+ Resource Academia with 189,000 students and 700,000 alumni.

Besides imparting education at college and school levels, the Punjab Group proudly owns and maintains Mohammad Ali Jinnah University in Karachi, Capital University of Science & Technology Islamabad and University of Central Punjab in Lahore.

Our institutions, however, offer education across the country commensurate with our own cultural values while maintaining international standards in the fields of Law, Business Management, Commerce, Information Technology and Engineering.

Realizing the importance of Early Years Education which plays a pivotal role in the physical and mental development of children, Punjab Group of Colleges has taken a landmark initiative by establishing Resource Academia for play group, primary, middle and senior school levels.

Our every educational setup is striving for excellence with committed and highly qualified teacher community in an environment of the finest physical and academic facilities, hi-tech computer and fully equipped science laboratories, and well-stocked libraries.

Tower Technologies is a hi-tech company of The Group which provides expertise and tailor made solutions ranging from client server applications to internet based static web sites to the dynamic message content based portals to the mobile telecommunications.

Economic-politico-social fabric of the society cannot be reformed until media develop critical thinking of the general masses. It is a weighty responsibility undertaken by Dunya TV and Roznama Dunya those encourage people to think consciously and objectively. Dunya TV and Roznama Dunya are gigantic and dynamic contribution of The Group.

I further substantiate that the very mission to spread cost-effective quality education, which is already at the priority of The Group, would be made possible through alliance-based education network across the country, entitled as: Allied Schools & Punjab Colleges Systems.

With the Great Grace of Almighty Allah, our progress manifests our commitment and sustainability.

Prof. Sohail Afzal
Executive Director


Prof. Sohail Afzal
Executive Director  
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